Florida Design Consultants (FDC) was designated as New Port Richey’s City Engineer by contract. In this capacity, FDC has a continuing services relationship with the City and has completed numerous drainage related projects for the City as listed below:

2013 Master Drainage Plan. FDC prepared selected survey, preliminary drainage and storm sewer modeling, probable estimated costs and preliminary layouts for over twenty (20) of the worst potential flooding areas in the City of New Port Richey.  These locations were added to the City’s 2013 Master Drainage Plan – 10 Year Update.

2012 Stormwater Improvements Project. FDC prepared intersection improvements and drainage plans for twelve (12) intersections located in the City.  Level of improvements varied, but all had unique challenges due to limited rights of way.  FDC also prepared all survey documents, City permits, and District permit applications.

2013 Main Street Landing Streetscape Project. FDC prepared surveys and plans to support this community revitalization effort in downtown New Port Richey.  The streetscape project included sidewalk redesign, parking, landscaping, and drainage improvements.

2013 Briar Patch Underdrains. FDC prepared engineering plans and specifications to install an underdrain on both sides of existing streets to help control an existing soil high ground water issue.