Florida Design Consultants (FDC) was engaged by Pasco County Utilities for the study, survey, design, permitting, public relations, and construction of 5.5 miles of 30-inch ductile iron force main. This force main routed through the Moon Lake Estates Subdivision to the terminus on State Road 52 in Pasco County, Florida. The design was challenging due to congested right-of-ways, location of potable water wells, underground utilities, numerous driveways, and impacts to the traveling public including neighborhood streets, and school bus stops. The project included a heavy public outreach program consisting of public meetings and a project website to keep the residents informed on the progress of the project. Additional coordination was required for a surface water crossing with the environmental entities of the SWFWMD and the ACOE. FDC provided topographic design survey drawings using the Pasco County provided field survey work. FDC also provided construction stake-out and record surveys.