The Fivay High School site was purchased by Pasco County in 2007 and FDC was brought on board in 2009 for civil engineering design, environmental permitting, transportation assistance, and survey services. FDC worked with the architect, Harvard Jolly, to complement their design, which featured many improvements learned from previous schools to avoid common issues. The bus loop, student/staff parking and visitor lots don’t share common entrances, for instance, in an effort to avoid the traffic entanglements that snarl other highschools.

The American School Board Journal, Learning By Design, awarded Fivay High School in Pasco County the Outstanding Project Award for 2012 for New Construction for the entire school/campus building in its Spring 2012 issue. Florida Design Consultants provided civil engineering and LEED credit management of site-related credits. A LEED “Certified” status was achieved. This feature article on Fivay High School specifically mentioned how the school’s thoughtful site design prevents vehicular and pedestrian traffic entanglements.

This project achieved LEED Certified status on November 9, 2011, through the LEED for Schools 2.0 online process. FDC worked directly for Harvard Jolly on this Pasco School Board project, and it earned 21 Design credits and 13 Construction credits. As Civil Engineer, FDC was responsible for and earned all of its points for the following credits:

Sustainable Sites (SS) Prerequisite 1: Construction Activity Pollution Prevention Plan

SS Prereq 2: Environmental Site Assessment

SS Credit 5.2 : Site Development: Maximize Open Space

SS Credit 6.1 : Stormwater Management: Quantity Control

SS Credit 6.2 : Stormwater Management: Quality Control