Robert Wright Jr., P.L.S.


Rob is CEO and owner of Florida Design Consultants and has been with the firm since it was founded in 1996. He serves as the Principal-in-Charge for governmental and land development Clients and oversees projects from the initial planning phase through the construction process. He also leads the firm’s survey & mapping practice. His experience spans more than 39 years in the Tampa Bay Area and has included all levels of involvement in field and office activities. Rob’s background as a Professional Surveyor & Mapper, and his continuous drive to stay ahead of changing technology, directly led Florida Design Consultants to be known as one of the most responsive and progressive Surveying & Mapping Firms in the Bay Area.

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Edwin Rogers, P.E.


Ed brings 30 years of professional engineering consulting expertise for private and public clients alike to Florida Design Consultants. He specializes in managing the critical processes of planning, plan production, and permitting for complex, mixed-use master planned communities. Ed’s deep experience gives him an understanding of client needs as well as the needs and requirements of local, state, and regional regulatory authorities that allows for a proactive approach to driving project success. Ed believes that our firm’s success comes as the natural result of placing our clients’ success first. Ed holds a Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of South Florida.

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Alfonso Belluccia, P.E.

Vice President

Al has over 36 years of professional consulting and management expertise for public and private clients throughout the central west coast of Florida. He specializes in coordinating with local, state and regional regulatory agencies to secure entitlements and approvals for commercial, residential, multi-use master planned communities and institutional facilities. Al’s “make-it-happen” attitude is an asset when project challenges are encountered. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida.

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James Choncholas, P.E.

Vice President of Engineering 

Jim offers 33 years of experience in the management and design of land development, utility and drainage projects for federal, state, county, public municipalities and private clients. Specialized experience and capabilities include the design of sanitary sewer systems, pump stations, forcemains, potable water and reclaimed water systems and complex stormwater management systems for residential subdivisions and miscellaneous developments. Other specific experience includes hydraulic network analysis, stormwater modeling, major utility pipeline design, master wastewater pump station design, utility master planning, utility relocation design and permitting through the FDEP, FDOT, ACOE, State Water management Districts, Hillsborough County EPC, and local municipalities.

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Robert Haught, RLA, LEED AP, ISA

Vice President of Landscape Architecture

Robert is highly motivated Registered Landscape Architect, Land Planner and Certified Arborist with 23 years of experience in land development and design. Mr. Haught has a vast array of knowledge, including Landscape Architecture, Land Planning, Subdivision Design, Site Evaluations, Commercial Design, GIS, Real Estate and NPDES related work. He specializes in evaluating land for development potential. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University.

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Jared Patenaude, P.S.M.

Executive Vice President & Director of Survey

Jared is the Vice President of Surveying for the firm and has over 11 years of experience with a BS in Survey Engineering Technology and a Minor in Construction Management from the University of Maine Orono. He is responsible for the production of plats, boundary, topographic, hydrographic, record, quantity, specific purpose, control and right of way surveys as well as the quality control. Jared has extensive experience providing surveying services to private owners as well as governmental agencies such as Pasco County, Manatee County, Pinellas County, Hernando County, City of Tampa, City of Oldsmar, City of St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay Water.

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Justyna Gale, M.U.P.

Vice President of Planning

Justyna is Vice President of Planning for the firm and has over 13 years of planning experience helping clients navigate and succeed in the development and entitlement process. Justyna’s previous experience in the public sector as the Senior Planner and Active Transportation Planner for Pasco County, and Planner for the City of Clearwater gives her a unique and comprehensive perspective on the planning process. She has experience in Public Involvement and was responsible for developing and coordinating public outreach such as neighborhood meetings, charrettes and workshops for numerous public projects.  When combined with her private sector experience with various municipalities and counties throughout the west coast of Florida, Justyna has the depth and breadth of experience to get results for her clients. She is a graduate of University of Florida and has a Master of Urban Planning from University of Louisville.

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Colin Miller, P.E.

Sr. Project Manager

Colin has over 19 years of professional experience in Civil Engineering, specifically in Water Resources and Drainage design. Working for both public and private clients, Mr. Miller has successfully completed a variety of projects. His project experience ranges from drainage improvement projects for public clients to single and multi-family developments for private clients. Colin has extensive experience with drainage modeling, such as ICPR, SWMM, and HEC-RAS, to support efforts to find efficient designs (maximize project performance) and remove land from the regulatory floodplain (FEMA Letters of Map Revision).

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Jeffrey Denny, P.E.

Sr. Project Manager

Jeff has over 20 years of experience in project engineering and project management for various site development and municipal projects in the Tampa Bay area. Project tasks have covered all phases of development; from design and plan preparation through permitting and construction. Assignments for private developers have included site engineering for residential, commercial, office, and institutional projects. Municipal work efforts have included miscellaneous school, community park, and roadway projects. Associated work experience has included client coordination, management of staff, and preparation and processing of permit application through various state, county, and local agencies / municipalities.

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Ryan Dempsey, P.E., LEED AP

Project Manager

Ryan has 20 years of experience in the design and permitting of projects in the local area. These projects range from small commercial sites to large residential developments. Ryan’s involvement has included stormwater management, site grading and utility design. He is experienced with a variety of computer software including ICPR, ASAD, EPANET, WaterCAD, and AutoCAD/Civil 3D. Ryan has extensive experience in water management district and local government permitting as well as FEMA letters of map revision. He also conducts stormwater inspections and recertifications required by SWFWMD for clients such as the Pinellas County School Board. Ryan is a graduate of the University of Florida.

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